Nate Hanson

Hey there! πŸ‘‹ I'm the voice behind the Almost Heretical podcast and a champion of the future of work movement. Co-founder of the visual resume tool and a new job board called WorkDifferent, and now helping to build I love building things or taking something that is not working and making it work.

I'm also the author of the viral article, The Last Generation of Kids That Played Outside, which resonated with millions of readers and sparked important conversations about modern childhood.

I live outside Portland, Oregon, sharing the joy of life with my wife and two daughters. And when I'm not chatting into a microphone or geeking out over the future of work, I'm probably building an epic Lego town with my kids, busting out an impromptu tune, or falling down some wild internet rabbit hole β€” Did someone say UFOs? Beam me up! πŸ›Έ

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