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Hello there! Whether you're keen to delve into 'Almost Heretical', book me for an intriguing conversation on your podcast, or venture into the captivating realm of podcasting, you're in the right place. Here's how you can best get in touch. (If you just want to connect, I'm pretty much only active on 𝕏: @natemhanson)

Eagerly awaiting our collaboration or chat! 🌟

✨ Almost Heretical inquiries

For guest pitches, book recommendations, or any discussions related to 'Almost Heretical', please email:

✨ Book Me For An Interview

Ready to dive into topics like ministry, deconstruction, podcasting, or the future of work on your show? Let’s set it up! Email: natemhanson [at] gmail [dot] com

✨ Podcast Coaching

Embarking on a podcast journey or wanting to enhance your existing show? For insights, strategies, and hands-on guidance, reach out via email with the questions you have: natemhanson [at] gmail [dot] com