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Explore podcast interviews I've given and read articles I've written. If you're looking for a guest to discuss topics like christianity, ministry, deconstruction, podcasting, or the future of work, I'm available to come on your show. Reach out and let's set something up.

Across the Counter (2023)

You Have Permission (2023)

Redrawing The Bath (2021)

Refreshingly Honest Christian (2021)

Neil deGrasse Tyson on Almost Heretical (2023)

Rainn Wilson on Almost Heretical (2023)

The Last Generation of People Who Hate Their Jobs (2015)

The workplace taught me that people are expendable and that profit is the most important thing. People are cogs in machines -- get as much out of them as you can. I learned that weekends were when you could do things you were passionate about, but the workplace was different. ➡️ Read the article

The Last Generation of Kids That Played Outside (2014)

A viral article that was shared over 1 million times. Consider the iPad -- The iPad was invented and built by grownups who had to play outside when they were kids. Fast forward to this current generation where the majority of kids sit inside staring at... an iPad. ➡️ Read the article