Nate Hanson

🎤 Fast-Track Podcast Accelerator

Hello, fellow audio enthusiast! Whether you're dreaming of launching your very own podcast, looking to skyrocket an existing one, or scratching your head on how to boost those download numbers (and perhaps, cash in on your passion) – I've got your back.

Playskool microphone Why team up with me? Let's travel back in time: Picture a young me in '94, with wild enthusiasm, hosting faux radio shows on my trusty Playskool microphone. Fast forward to the buzzing streets of LA in 2008 – fresh out of college, I snagged my first gig as a radio producer. The next year I helped win our show the title of National Show of the Year.

Now, jump to 2017... My friend and I are sitting in a freezing shed in our backyard in Oregon thinking about recording a new podcast. Would anyone even listen? This was the start of the Almost Heretical podcast. I've since interviewed Neil deGrasse Tyson, Rainn Wilson, Rob Bell, and more. The digits? Over 2 million downloads and Patreon/ad revenue ticking past $100k.

And hey, between us, I've coached podcasting giants like Ben Shapiro. So, you're in solid company.

Ready to amplify your podcasting journey? Shoot me an email with a sneak peek of your show and any burning questions (No problem if you don't have a show yet and just a bunch of random ideas!) I'd love to share the lessons I've gathered over the years, and together, make your audio dreams resonate!

📩 If this is resonating with you, please reach out at my personal email: natemhanson [at] gmail [dot] com